Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: InTown Cafe

First of all I just wanted to start by saying that I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but school is almost finished and the end of year is always the hardest so I'm really trying my best to get a post up for you all. todays post is going to be a review about a cafe called intown..

They sell all different kinds of food but my favourite is their sushi..its really good!

As a vegetarian i always order veggie rolls but its never on restaurant menu's and i have to order it as a special extra roll but intown has it in their menu..and their spicy edemame is delicious!!!

So here are the pictures..

The food is really good and this time i had ordered delivery but i've been to the place before its very small but the staff are really friendly and the place is very clean and is shown to be very high in quality which i think is very important!

Veggie Roll:  2.250kd
Spicy Edamame:  1.750kd

They are also on the 6alabat's website for online home delivery:
Or you can order by phone #22497971

It is located in the mubarkiya area, right next to haleeb oo hail and cherriez .

I hope you enjoyed this review! :D

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Zero Degrees Frozen Yogurt

I'm sure you have all heard of zero degrees but if you haven't then it is a frozen yogurt shop that opened a while ago and it is owned by Kuwaitis. I tried it when it first opened and fell in love! To be honest its my favourite from the ones i've tried it Kuwait. And im a huge frozen yogurt addict!!! :D

The whole theme of the shop is really cute and i wanted to take pictures of the whole shop but it was really crowded so it was kind of hard. If i go next time and get better pictures then i will for sure update this post.

I love their logo..

They have the flavours:-

  • Original
  • Pomegrante
  • Kiwi/Octagreen
  • Mango
  • Mixed Berries
And 3 sizes:-

  • Small-3 Toppings
  • Meduim-4 Toppings
  • Large-4 Toppings
They have a wide variety of toppings..Fruits and The Drys..

They also have four extra sauces that you can put ontop of your yogurt..thought im not sure what flavours they are, Sorry!

When i went today with my mom i got mixed berries and original with strawberries,mango and pineapple. My mom got the original and pomegrante with stawberries, pineapple and blueberries!

The shop is just great and i love everything about it! The staff are very welcoming and friendly.

Zero Degrees is located in Jabriya next to champions gym and salad boutique.
Their Website:
And Follow them on twitter: @ZDyogurt :D

I really hope you enjoyed this review, please leave me a comment telling me if you've tried zero degrees before or tell me your favourite frozen yogurt place in Kuwait! :D

Thank You All For Reading! :D

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recipe: Cinnammon French Toast

I posted a picture on my twitter account about the french toast that i had for my breakfast today and a reader sent me an email saying that he is a big fan of my blog and asked if i could post the recipe as soon as possible. So this is for you Faisal and im so happy you like my blog! :D

So here you go..


4 slices of toast

3 eggs

1/2 cup of millk

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of cinnammon

Butter (optional)

Honey or maple syrup (optional)


1.In a bowl break the eggs and add the milk, sugar and cinnammon.Using a whisk make sure you mix it really well.

2.Dip the toast into the mixture coating and make sure you coat all of it inside and quickly put it in a greased hot pan.

3.Make sure you keep flipping it over so that one side doesnt cook for that long.

4.When one side is almost brown and it looks ready then i like to add a small piece of butter and quickly turn it so that it becomes crispier. (This step is optional but i like my french toast crispy so if u do too than its a good extra.)

5.If your not sure when to take it off the heat then just keep flipping it until the toast just becomes a little bit brown and crispy then you know its good to go! :D

6.After you take it off the heat you can add your desired toppings. I had it with mayple syrup but you can have it with honey or fruits or anything that you like.

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe. Thank You All. :D

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My Upcoming Posts

Hello Everyone,

I was planning to post another recipe today but i had to alot of studying to do. So i decided to write up this quick post for a little sneek peek of what you can expect from my blog and my upcoming posts.So for the first one and something im very excited about is a new series im starting and you may or may not know that im a vegetarian, i said that in one of my posts before but this series is going to be called: My Favourite Vegetarian Dishes. So basically im going to show you my favourite dishes from different restaurants in Kuwait. If i show a dish its gonna be a small description of the the dish with a picture and not a full review of that restaurant but of only the dish im showing. But i will still continue to do full reviews of restaurants and bakeries. And this series is going to be in episodes. Like if i do my first post with this series it'll be episode 1 and i'll show one or more of my favourite dishes from a restaurant.(I hope that made sense.) ;p

Anyways..i really hope you are all excited as i am..So here is more things that are coming up in my blog very soon..

  • Full reviews of bakeries and restaurants
  • More easy, quick and delicious recipes.
  • The new series: My Favourite Vegetarian Dishes
  • And many more..

*The new series may not only be of food in Kuwait..if i travel and get to take good pictures then i will for sure include them in this series. And the whole reason of this series is to recommend good quality and delicious food to everyone! :D

Thank you all so much for reading and for all the great support that you are giving me. It means alot..and this is something that i love to do!! :D

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Requests + Follow me on twitter! :D

Hello everyone,

If you have any requests of food recipes you would like me to post on my blog or you would like to ask a question please feel free to comment on my blog but you can also email me at:

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Thank You So Much! :D

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recipe: Chocolate Mud Cake + A BIG Thank You!!

First of all before i start i just wanted to give a BIG thank you to Bluetiful Nostalgia and Frankom for posting about my blog on their websites. That is so kind and very sweet of them. And i am a huge fan of both of their blogs and i read them all the time so it is very exciting for me.

Now, todays recipe is going to be on my very famous chocolate cake.

*I never thought i was going to give anyone this recipe because whenever i make it for a party or family gathering..they ALWAYS ask me for the recipe but i always told them that its top secret. they'll now.

Its actually VERY easy to make and its soo delicious. So here you go..


1 box Chocolate cake (yes, i am cheating and using ready made cake but in the next few posts i will write a post dedicated to making a chocolate cake from scratch.)

4 Galaxy Bars (Plain)

4 Aero Bars

Oero, 2 packets.

Mini Marshmallows (As much or little as you want to add)


1.Slice the chocolate cake and place it on the bowl or plate that you are using.(One box is enough for 1 layer..If you want an extra layer of cake then use 2 boxes.)

2.Add the marshmallows and spread it out.

3.In a bowl..break the aero and galaxy chocolate and melt it.(i find that the microwave is the fastest way for me but you can melt it whatever way you want.) Then evenly spread it on the cake.

4.Break the oreo into small chunks and evenly spread it on to the cake.

5.Just before serving..put the cake into the oven for 3-5 minutes on low heat. It will heat the cake and melt the marshmallows. (Make sure that you dont put it for more than 5 minutes because the cake at the bottom will burn.)

*There is no egg in this cake so thats why the oven time is very short and only needs to be heated.

If you do try out this cake please let me know in the comments and thank you for reading.
Keep an eye out for the next post very soon! ;)

 xoxo,    Noura/Young Chef Q8

Recipe: Fettuccine Alfredo

At dinner time i made pasta for my mom and little brother..and i have been trying to find the perfect recipe for fettuccine alfredo and i decided to give it a try! Its actually a very light recipe and very easy to make! It contains no cream and that was my main goal! Because usually this type of sauce is really heavy but not this recipe..

*fettucine is a type of pasta
*alfredo is a creamy white sauce

So im going to give you the steps and show you pictures of how to make it. If your a fan of'll love this recipe..


25 grams of butter
2 tablespoons of white flour
2 cups of milk (any type of milk will work)
¾ cup of grated parmesan cheese
A bag of fettuccine pasta (quantity depends on how much you would like)



1.Melt the butter in a saucepan. When it is fully melted..turn of the heat.

2.Add the flour and mix it until it turns lumpy. (I know it doesnt sound or look appetising but that is the recipe.It tastes much better than it looks!) ;p

3.Add the milk and put it back on the heat and stir. (I would recommend to use a wooden spoon when your stirring rather than a metal whisk because it can scratch the metal at the bottom.)

4.Press down on the lumps with the wooden spoon while your stirring.Then add the parmesan cheese and keep stirring.(The mixture should start to thicken alot because the cheese should melt.)

5.Add salt and pepper to your sauce and keep it on very low heat.

6.Start boiling your pasta.(A tip to know when your pasta is ready..make sure that before you add the sauce you take a piece of the pasta and break it in half..if you see a white colour in the middle then its still not has to be all one colour and soft.)

7.When the pasta is ready..drain it and then add the sauce to it and mix.

8.Add the toppings of your choice.(My brother and mom decided to have grilled chicken on the side while im a vegetarian so my toppings were mushrooms and sundried tomatoes.Yummy!) :D

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Also, if you try out this recipe please give me your feedback on how it turned out. Thank You! :)

Oh, and i found out that wikipedia has its own page for fettuccine alfredo so i thought i should share it with you..! :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update - Yesterdays Post

So yesterday i posted the recipe for snickerdoodle cookies and the picture i showed was one i got from google and it wasnt the best! So i made a small batch of the recipe for my family and took a picture of it to show you all! I forgot how good this recipe tasted!!! I really hope you try it and enjoy! :D

They turned out HUGE!! ;p

Thank you for reading! :) 

Recipe: Snickerdoodle Cookies From Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

I'm sure you have all heard of Magnolia's Bakery before but if you havent then it is a very popular bakery in New York. It recently opened a branch in Dubai and i wanted to pass by there when i was there recently but unfortunetly i didnt have time because i was only there for the weekend. I actually have the cookbook from the bakery itself. It was a gift i got from London. I highly doubt that you can get it in Kuwait so thats why i am going to post some of my favourite desserts recipes from the cookbook into my blog. (I will also post my favourite recipes from other cookbooks and even ones i created myself)

Now keep in mind that Magnolia's Bakery are very famous for their cupcakes but they also offer other desserts like; cookies, brownies, cheescake, etc. Here is the recipe for one of my favourite cookies..Its called a snickerdoodle cookie and its basically a plain sugar cookie but coated with cinammon and sugar.


2 ½ cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
1 ½ cups sugar
2 large eggs, at room temperature
2 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 tablespoons sugar mixed with 2 teaspoons cinnamon, for sprinkling


In a small bowl, combine the flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt. Set aside.
In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar until smooth, about 2 minutes. Add the eggs, milk, and vanilla, and beat well. Add the dry ingredients and mix throughly.
Wrap the dough tightly with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets, leaving several inches between for expansion. (i recommend leaving extra room between these cookies because they spread more than most.) Sprinkle generously with the cinamon-sugar mixture. Bake for 12-14 minutes.
Cool the cookies on the sheets for 5 minutes, and then remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

Makes 3 dozen cookies

I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe and if you try it please let me know in the comments below! :)

Update: For the continuation of this post please read (here)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Sugar Daddy's Bakery - Dubai

I just came back from a trip to Dubai and it was so much fun! I got to try Sugar daddy's bakery in Dubai Mall. I read about it from danderma's blog. The place was very nice and also the decor was so pretty.
I ordered the red velevt cupcake and my mom ordered the nutella chocolate one. They both tasted delicious.
And we also had the red velvet whoopie pie which was REALLY good! Here are some pictures of the store and the cupcakes:

Their logo is really cute

They had so many different flavours to offer.

They also offer minis of every cupcake they have in the regular size.

Sorry that i didnt get a picture of the whoopie pie..i forgot to picture it! And i know the quality of the pictures arent so great because i had to use my mom's phone since i didnt have mine with me. And im getting a new camera very soon so hopefully pictures in the next posts will be much better. Thank You! :)

Danderma's Review: 
Sugar Daddy's Website:

*The location i went to is inside Bloomingdales in Dubai mall on the lower ground floor.

What is 'Young Chef Kuwait' about ?

So i started this blog because i love to bake and cook. I love adventures! Especially when they are in my kitchen..i love to create new recipes and visit different bakeries all around the world. That is what you are going to find in this blog..All different kinds of recipes and reviews of not only food but things i love! Even though this blog is based in Kuwait..(and that is where im from and that is where i live) i love to travel! So i really hope you enjoy your time in my blog! Thank You! :)

Oh, and if your wondering why my blog is called Young Chef Kuwait..that is because i am young! And i am still in highschool! If that is going to change your opinion about my blog then that is up to you! But i welcome everyone to read and enjoy!