Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Cocoa Room-Futoor

Today I had a late futoor with my cousin at cocoa room. We had soup at home and then decided to finish our meal there.

So this is what we ordered:

Rice Krispies Shrimp

Margarita Flat Bread Pizza

Breaded Chicken with a Side of French Fries (Not sure of the name)

And now for dessert:

Oreo Crusted Chocolate Molten

I have to say that i heard so much good things about their futoor. I had previously tried their breakfast (post) and it was really good! My favourite dish was probably the flat bread pizza. The dough was wonderful and crispy.They have many options like mushroom and chicken that you can also have on the flat bread pizza. The chicken dish was okay, if you are a fan of breaded chicken then you'll like it. and it was HUGE! I wasn't really expecting it to be that big. We shared it and still couldn't finish it all! ;p But i really liked their french fries even though it was a little bit too salty. The garlic mayonnaise that came with the french fries was really good as well. The rice krispies shrimp was good as well and i really liked how crispy it was but i didn't really taste the rice krispies which is okay, i guess. The sauces with the shrimp were good.
The dessert was not what i expected. For some reason we thought it was a custard dessert! ;s
My way to describe it is that its a dark chocolate molten cake with a layer of chocolate and oreo covering it up. Like i said it was not what i expected but it was still good ecspecially with the ice-cream on the side.

If I would have the chance to go again I would like to maybe try the nutella soufle and the red velvet pancakes. I have heard so much good things about them.
And I would also like to quickly thank the staff for the amazing and quick service. I had a lot of fun today! :D

If you have tried anything from the menu leave me in the comments below what you thought about it! :D


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Suhoor at Maki

Before starting this post I just wanted to say that you will notice a huge difference in the picture quality because yesterday my mom surprised me with a new camera and it’s the one that I had wanted so thank you mommy! ;* From now on I hope that the picture quality will be much better and more clearer! :D

So anyways yesterday night me and my family went out to have suhoor at maki because we all wanted sushi and so we headed over to maki at Burj Jasem.

So this is what we ordered:

Edamame Salad

Spicy Edamame

Spicy Tuna Sushi & Spicy Salmon Sushi

Salmon Sushi & Shrimp Sushi

Essa III (3) Maki

Chicken Teryaki

Garlic Fried Rice

Beef Tepenyaki

Yaki Udon Noodles with Shrimp

This was the first time that i had tried the Essa III (3) Maki and we had the rocket removed and it was delicious but very different than the other 2 Essa maki's.

The food was excellent as usual but their was a roll that i didn't take a picture of which was the Mango Mame Maki that came late after all the food- im not sure if they had forgotten about it or something but i didnt get a chance to picture it. The service was a little bit slower than usual but it was a great night that i got to spend with my family.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nino's Desserts

I have been going to nino for years and have tried so many different things from their menu but never their desserts. I recently went before Ramadan and saw that they had a new menu and after we finished the food we really wanted dessert but didn’t know where to go so we saw the desserts and ordered. I saw that they had crème brulee and I ordered that because it is my all-time favorite dessert. We also ordered the banana fried rolls. (Not sure what it’s called)

The fried banana roll came with a side of icecream and the crème brulee was very creamy and both tasted very good in my opinion. If you haven’t tried nino’s dessert than I would recommend it! :D

Nino is located in the avenues phase 1 and also by the seaside on gulf street.
Telephone: 22541900, 22597379.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Baking Tray's Cookies

I love baking tray’s sandwiches but I never tried their cookies until recently and everyone has been saying how amazing they are and I completely agree!!! They are AMAZING!! If you’ve never tried them I do warn you though they are pretty oily so I don’t think they are the best choice for a diet however if you are a fan of cookies you will really like them since they are so soft and chewy. I got the classic chocolate chip cookies but they do have other flavors as well such as: raisin and oatmeal, chocolate and dried black currant, dates and harda.



They are located in: Mishal Tower, Jaber Al-Mubarak Street, Sharq, Kuwait.

Telephone: 22251544


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan Update

Mubarak 3alaikom il shahar! :D

I hope everyones first day of ramadan went smoothly. I wish i could have posted this earlier but i've been spending alot of time with my family that i didnt realize how long its been that i havent posted. :(
I have 2 new posts that i want to put up but since they are food related i'll put them up after fu6oor since it wont be fair for all of us fasting.

I hope you all have a wonderful and happy month that you can enjoy spending with your family! Ta8abal allah 6a3atkom.

And dont forget to check out eb6ainiya's blog ramadan recipe competion. The deadline is on the 5th of August so hurry up and submit!!

Thank You All For The Wonderful Support! :D