About Me

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog and i really hope your enjoying it so far! :)

I started this blog because i have a passion for cooking and baking..i really hope that i can start a career someday because of my passion for it but i still have a couple more years of school to go and right now im living day by day and im really excited to see what the future brings!
In this blog you will find different recipes and reviews of different places..i also have a huge passion for travelling so you will also find reviews from bakeries and restaurants from different countries.

  • Gender: Female
  • Industry: Student
  • Location: Kuwait
I consider myself very hard working and i hope you see that in my posts because i love what i do and this blog is a great way for me to escape from reality and share what i know with others! Another hobby of mine is reading and writing and the whole literature experiance and so i thought blogging about food would be a perfect way to share and learn with others. I really want to thank you all for the wonderful support you have given me because without you i would not be writing this today! :D